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Thu, 11 Jul 2013 11:34:51 PDT
Great news for Interface Systems, Inc!

AbeTech to Acquire New Business in Kansas
Rogers, MN (PRWEB) June 27, 2013 -- AbeTech, also known as Abraham Technical Services, Inc. announces the recent asset acquisition of Interface Systems, Inc. based in Overland Park, Kansas

Wed, 12 Jun 2013 07:16:26 PDT
At Interface Systems, we make purchasing your genuine Zebra labels and ribbons easy. We pride ourselves on our superior customer service, satisfaction and support. If you aren't sure what type of label or ribbon your printer requires, or you have a specific application requirement, don't hesitate to call us at 913.362.8998. Or email info@barcodeit.com!

Barcode Printer Ribbon | Zebra Barcode Labels | Interface Systems
Barcode It - Interface Systems specializes in Barcode Labels, Barcode Printer Ribbon, Zebra Barcode Label Printers and more. Click for products!

Mon, 10 Jun 2013 13:05:18 PDT
The Zebra ZT200 series printers were designed with YOU in mind! They offer elegant space saving designs, effortless setup, intuitive user operation, and ease of service and maintenance. These printers are very affordable and even Energy Star compliant! Give us a call today to place your order or email info@barcodeit.com for more information! 9136.362.8998

Barcodeit - Zebra ZT220 Barcode Label Printer
Zebra ZT220 Barcode Label Printer


As your partner in Automatic Data Collection, Interface Systems offers the highest quality products at affordable prices. Whether you are in the market for a barcode scanner, data collection (mobile computer), or both, we have the brand names in Data Collection Hardware to provide you with the solution you need. We offer all major brands of Barcode Data Collection equipment; however, not all brands are shown on our website. If you have a specific model that you need, please send an email to sales@barcodeit.com with your request. If you need assistance in selecting the right equipment, please don’t hesitate to give us a call 913.362.8998 or send an email.

We have divided the barcode scanners into groups to make your browsing for Automatic Data Collection Products easier:

Non-Portable Scanners

These include scanners that are connected with a cable to another device, PC, or cash register system. Also included in the section are “cordless” scanners. These are still “connected” to another device, PC, or cash register system but without a cable from the scanner. By using “wireless” and “bluetooth” technology, you are no longer limited to the length of your cable for Automatic Data Collection solutions.


Portable Scanner

These include mobile computers that provide complete solutions for scanning without being attached to another device, PC, or cash register. We have both “batch” units and “wireless” (802.11) units as well a “cellular” units available for Barcode Data Collection for your mobile applications.

Barcode Verifiers

These are used to “verify” and check bar codes that you have produced to insure the accuracy and scannability of your bar codes. If you are sending products to major retailers, this small investment can save you thousands of dollars in fines if you are producing bar codes on your products that don’t conform to stringent requirements set by the major retailers.


Also don’t forget that we offer complete Automatic Data Collection Systems that include Automatic Data Collection Software, Barcode Data Collection scanners, and Bar Code  Printers in both direct thermal and thermal transfer, as well as  RFID printers.  Not all of our products are included on our website,  but please call us at 913.362.8998 or email us a sales@barcodeit.com with your requests. We will be happy to assist you and provide you with recommendations as well as a quotation for the right solution to fit your data collection system needs.

FAQ’s-Getting your assigned bar code

If you have a product that you would like to be sold in retail stores, you may be required to include bar codes on your products for Automatic Data Collection. Some valuable information as well as important links have been included below to help you with this process. Once you have your manufacturer number assigned to your company, please contact us to assist you with a number of options of how you can include these bar codes on your products. We offer a variety of solutions including film masters, electronic graphics, pre-printed labels, as well as complete turn-key systems for printing your own labels in-house. We’ll work with you to find the right match for your needs.

The GS1 System provides identification numbers to uniquely identify trade items (products and services), logistic units, locations, assets, and service relations worldwide. For example, a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), the most well known GS1 identification number, is the 12-digits shown below the Universal Product Code (U.P.C.) bar code. The identification numbers make supply chains much more efficient and responsive to customers in any industry and overcome the limitations of using company or sector specific coding systems. The GS1 System also standardizes additional information such as best-before-dates, expiration dates, lot numbers, and serial numbers.

See http://www.uc-council.org/ for more details on how to obtain identification numbers for your organization. Once you have your number assigned, be sure to come back and visit our site www.barcodeit.com to obtain labels, masters, or a complete turn-key printing system for labeling your products as well as Automatic Data Collection Systems.

These numbers are integrated into electronic commerce and encoded in machine-readable carriers – GS1 approved bar codes and EPCglobalcompliant radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. Thus, these numbers link together the information flow of business transactions to the physical flow of products. The GS1 System enables users to design applications that process GS1 data automatically because the data captured from approved machine-readable carriers produces unambiguous electronic information.

GS1 Company Prefix: It's not simply a number, it's the key to supply chain improvement.

A GS1 Company Prefix is required to create GS1 identification numbers, which is globally unique and reserved for use by just one company.

All prices listed are the manufacturers' suggested retail prices. Please contact us or click on Quick Quote for the best pricing.